Dr. Kim Vigil, education consultant, mindfulness instructor, and professor is the owner of Raye Educational Services, LLC.


Dr. Kim Vigil, education consultant and mindfulness educator, has been in and out of various classrooms for the better part of 15 years, working with both students and teachers.  Currently, Dr. Vigil offers speaking engagements highlighting her research pertaining to portable screen time and executive function.  Additionally, Dr. Vigil provides professional development and training for teachers and students in mindfulness practices, and provides grant and technical writing services.  She is an assistant professor at Murray State University, an academic associate at Arizona State University, and an adjunct faculty member at Grand Canyon University.

Dr. Vigil is a mindfulness trained educator and an Arizona certified teacher in early childhood education, and a Kentucky certified teacher in interdisciplinary early childhood education and elementary education (K-5).  She earned her doctorate in education with an emphasis in early childhood from Northcentral University, and she also holds two master of education degrees from Arizona State University, one in secondary education and the other in early childhood education.  Dr. Vigil is very passionate about early literacy, mindfulness and social and emotional development in young children, and supporting military families with young children given their unique needs (deployments, trauma/grief, prolonged stress, etc.).  Dr. Vigil is a military wife with five children of her own, and she is very invested in teaching students, parents, caregivers, community members and the like, how simple it can be to provide early supportive care for babies, toddlers and young learners to provide them with the best possible opportunities in life!