"I believe many of my students enjoyed this. It was nice for them to enjoy a few minutes of tranquility in the middle of their busy days."

~Sonoran Trails Middle School Teacher Ricky Francis about Mindfulness 101 for Students~


"Thank you so much! You have changed my life and my family forever."

~Parent about Mindfulness Fundamentals for Families~


"Very effective strategies!  Will be sure to try and implement within the classroom."

~Sonoran Trails Middle School Teacher about Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers~


"I learned so much and I am so excited to improve my life with these skills." 

~American Leadership Academy Teacher Stephanie Noel about Introduction to Mindfulness for Teachers~


"This has been the most useful training session I've been in so far-thank you!"

~American Leadership Academy Teacher Paisley Hearney about 2018 Leadership Summit breakout session~